5 Best Operating System for Hacking

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Ethical hacking is identifying weaknesses in computer networks or systems and take advantage of them so that they can later be fixed. Hackers employ a variety of methods to find dangers and consequently improve the device’s security.

Linux distributions differ in their philosophies. For example, some Linux distributions strive for the best user interface. Others, on the other hand, strive to be the software’s most compatible. The best Linux distribution for you might not be what you anticipate as a result. In this article we will be taking about best operating system for hacking.

Best Operating System for Hacking

1. Kali Linux


Kali Linux is the most widely used Linux distribution for hacking and penetration testing among information security professionals.

It is an open-source Linux distribution built on the Debian operating system and created by Offensive Security. It comes with over 600 hacking tools. With a complete set of all the essential tools, from network pentesting to web application, Kali Linux has you covered. Although XFCE is the default desktop environment and it is based on Debian, it can also run a wide range of DEs and WMs, including Gnome, KDE Plasma, i3, etc.

Additionally, Kali Linux makes it very simple to create your own unique Kali-based distribution. You can modify and test with every part of the distribution using its scripts. The Kali Linux project also provides a few precooked build instructions to enable you generate unique Kali spins.

For both 32-bit and 64-bit computers, Kali Linux is offered as a Live installable ISO, an install-only image, and a netinstall ISO. Additionally, the project provides images for a variety of ARM-based gadgets, such as the Raspberry Pi, BananaPi, Beaglebone Black, and numerous Chromebooks. Kali Linux runs on both Windows and Mac OS support this OS.

2. Parrot Os

parrot os

Parrot Security (ParrotSec), a further Linux distribution built on the Debian operating system, was made available on April 10, 2013. With the intention of developing an operating system for computer forensics, information gathering, exploitation tools, password attacks, digital forensics, and penetration testing, Lorenzo “Palinuro” Faletra and the Frozenbox team developed Parrot Security.

For computer forensics and penetration testing, the desktop environment for Parrot security distribution is MATE. This distribution also supports tools that are encrypted and anonymous.

Apart from hackers, computer programmers also like this Linux hacking distribution because it includes tools for software creation, privacy protection, and software security testing to guarantee your programs are impenetrable. Therefore, if you are serious about pursuing a career in hacking and pentesting, you must check out this Linux distribution. Parrot OS’s lightweight  than Kali Linux is one of its primary advantages.

3. Backbox

BackBox is a Linux hacking distribution that is open-source, community-driven, and dedicated to advancing data security.

It is a lightweight distribution built on the Ubuntu operating system that also works with older computer hardware. Because it includes tools for network analysis, web application testing, security vulnerability analysis, and exploitation out of the box, this Linux distribution for pentesting is well-liked.

Everything was created using only Free Open Source Software, showcasing the Community’s strength and potential. This distribution is based on Ubuntu and Debian.

BackBox has further adjusted its application menu such that tooltips with a brief description of each included tool are displayed. This will be incredibly helpful for new users who aren’t familiar with the tools.

Additionally, BackBox Linux provides short summaries of each tool. Because of this, this option is easier for beginners or persons with little or no experience using this distribution to operate. Additionally, Tor, a tool for internet privacy, is included with this Linux distribution and will be used to redirect all of your traffic. The OS’s software programs are updated frequently with the latest stable versions.

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4. Black arch


black Arch is an Arch-based Linux distribution, same as Kali Linux is a Debian-based one. The fundamental benefit of an Arch-based Linux distribution is that it is a lightweight and adaptable Linux distribution that keeps things straightforward. Again, choosing this distribution depends on your comfort level with Arch-based rather than Debian-based systems. black Arch currently has 2500 tools and is constantly expanding!

It also makes it easier to install these tools by allowing you to either download each one independently or install them in bundles like crackers, keyloggers, and sniffers. You will need a 64-bit processor, 1GB of free hard disk space, and a USB device with at least 2GB of free space in order to run Black Arch.

You should also keep in mind that this distribution is tool-focused. It works well for those who are aware of their goals and are accustomed to using the available tools while navigating a pretty basic user interface. You can install black arch individually or in a group.

5. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is one of the most frequently used Linux distributions. Every type of Linux user enjoys using it, from novices to seasoned experts. Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) offers increased reliability for programmers and developers.

Ubuntu utilizes the DEB package manager, similar to Debian, and later versions of Ubuntu also contain Snap packages to make the process of installing new software quick and easy.

When you install Ubuntu, the kernel that comes with the operating system is rather fresh. You can’t go wrong with the apt package manager, which is prepared to install every kind of software you could want. Ubuntu has often demonstrated that Linux can be used without ever opening a terminal window.


Although many other distributions are also utilized by professionals, these are the ones that are most frequently used and are strongly suggested and recommended by seasoned experts in the industry. Additionally, the decision on which Linux distribution to adopt is based on its intended use.

However, I’ve highlighted the most well-liked best operating system for ethical hacking and pentesting in this article. My suggestion is to start with Kali Linux if you’re still unsure which one to choose.

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