Best Comfortable Headphones For Long Hours Usage | Best Picks Of 2021

Hello, Music Listeners…are you searching for the best comfortable and affordable headphones for daily use like gaming, professional calls, video shootings, or any.

if you are using the headphone for many hours in a day and night then most of you are getting the problem is the pain in your ear, trouble on the head, and many other problems may occur…and at there to buy very comfortable earphone is the first choice for everyone.

everyone searching for the best sound quality headphones but the comfortness is also the main parameters that we need to see while buying the new headphones.

while your main focus is comfort than you definitely need to check the weight of the overall headphone, earcups and the headband is also the main parameter that you need to check while you are going to buy the comfortable headphone. at the end of the article, we have added all the factors that affect the comfort of the headphone; so you can check that point also to get a good knowledge of all the points.

here we have added the only headphones which we get trust and some of the headphones are checked also for a long time and got good marks on the base of comfortness-weight and sound quality

List of comfortable headphones for long hours usage :

1. Sony MDR-XB450AP On-Ear Headphone.

Sony MDR-XB450AP On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones with Mic

Key Features :

  • In-line mic for hands-free calling
  • Cushioned earpads for total comfort
  • 30mm neodynamic driver 
  • Tangle-free cable
  • lightweight (181 Gram)
  • CD Textured Glossy Design

Sony is the most trusted and professional brand, and that signature of sony pulls out all the latest generation peoples to buy the Sony signed products.

Sony has given specifically the main attention to the comfort and sound quality of the headphone MDR-XB450AP. With the sound quality and comfort, they never failed to build the headphone that suits to all of you in the budget range.

Sound Quality and Performance :

While we are saying about the sound of Sony MDR-XB450AP that’s shocking Surprise and Amazing like you are in a different world with the headphone.

The MDR-XB450AP has a 30mm neo-dynamic type of speaker driver. that allows you to deals with the best and wonderful sound output. as well as it helps you to get the sound without any distortion at the top level of the music.

As this gadget is on-ear headphone; and so it’s possible that you will not get the sense of the headphone like an over-ear headphone. but Sony has done all possible work into the earpads to block the outer voice catch to your ear.

The Frequency Response of 5–22,000Hz confesses to you that it can handle any small to small and maximum from maximum frequency. and delivers it towards your ear.

So, All over as per the sign of the SONY, they are not failed to give the defined music quality and bass quality to the headphone.

Design :

The design of the SONY headphone MDR-XB450AP is quite simple but impressive and lightweight, It Looks quite beautiful and classy with Red and blue colors.

The whole body with the earcups covers also made up of plastic material, and I think that’s the main reason behind the lightweight of the headphone.

The quality of the cushion at the earcups is quite good and superior fine. The pair of cushion material is quite soft and comfortable like you won’t regret the comfortness while listening to it.

The flat and tangle-free cable is smooth and decent like you don’t need to strive while using headphone at traveling time. The durability of the cable is also Good.

The Gold plated 3.5mm jack is also there, which can help you to get better music quality. The Audio jack is in the shape of alphabetic L; which can get more durability while you are using the headphone at jogging and exercise.

Comfort Parameters :

While We checking the comfortability of the headphone the main topic is the weight of the headphone so the weight of the headphone is 181 Grams. That was lightweight compare to the comparable other headphones.

The speaker module is a little bit large. but it won’t affect you with comfort. the size of the headband is very slim but the material used for the headband makes it more durable.

What is the Difference between MDR-XB450AP and MDR-XB450?

There is no more difference between both the headphones while we are talking about sound and build quality. but the only difference is the MDR-XB450AP comes with an inline remote and a powerful sensitive microphone. that offers you to take calls via your mobile phone. that MDR-XB450 Doesn’t have that feature.

Technical Parameters :

Headphone Design On-Ear headphone
Availability of Microphone Yes
Driver Unit 30mm neodynamic driver
Weight 181 Gram
warranty 1 Year
cable length 1.2 meters
Wired/Wireless Availability Wired Only

2. Logitech H110 Wired Headset

Logitech H111 Wired Headset

Key Features :

  • Stereo Headset for better comfort
  • Cushioned and easy finish
  • 30mm neodynamic driver 
  • Tangle-free cable
  • lightweight (Less than 181 Gram)
  • Glossy and Antique Look

if you are working with any desk where you need to stay connected to call for 24*7 or at more hours from the whole day then this headphone is the better and beast choice for you to go for.

Logitech is the normal brand for all the techies but the best and super point of Logitech is that it comes with a very lightweight and comfortable design that you always love to use their products.

Sound Quality and Performance :

Actually, Logitech H110 is for those who are connected for more of the hour to the calls and music. because the sound of the headphone is enough.

no doubt this headphone is not so enough for the people who love to listen to high bass sound, because the sound of the headphone is better packed for cellphone or computer calls.

As the Logitech H110 is especially for cell communication, noise cancellation is a must need for that. Yes, Logitech has focused on the noise cancellation of the headphone.

The headphone Logitech H110 comes with 2 Pins, where one is for Microphone and one for the speaker. so one thing is final that it will give better freedom to use with the desktop computers.

Design :

The Design of the Logitech H110 is really sweet and simple sober. but the comfort is mainly focused on the design point of view.

The headband of the headphone is slim and skinny like you never get filing that you have worn the headphone. the adjustability of the headphone is also unique and smooth.

The main feature that we all seeking is the microphone. the design of the microphone is really powerful. at the backend of the ear driver, the microphone is attached and it can turn around 180 degrees for your comfort at calling.

Comfort Parameters :

Yes, We have chosen this headphone for you. and the main reason behind this is the comfort of the headphone.

the weight of the headband is lightweight; so, I don’t need to describe more about the pain to your ear. because the lighter the weight of the headphone, the possibilities to pain your ear can be reduced.

Headphone Design On-Ear headphone
Availability of Microphone Yes
Driver Unit Normal
Weight 181 Gram
warranty 2 Year
Wired/Wireless Availability Wired Only
Extra Features The microphone is Versatile Rotating.

3. boAt Bassheads 900

 boAt Bassheads 900 Wired Headphone

Key Features :

  • Super Extra Bass
  • Cushioned and easy finish
  • 40mm neodynamic driver 
  • Foldable and Compact Design
  • Cross Resistant Jack
  • Lighter Weight for Comfort

BoAt is a big name in the market of sound and they deserve it for the quality and the service; The quality of all products from boAt is really powerful and fabulous for a long time.

The best thing about this boat Bassheads is that the headphone comes with 40mm neodynamic driver and at this affordable price they provide that much quality and comfort.

Sound Quality and Performance :

The boAt is Famous for its sound and build quality, so at the point of the sound, you will never regret for sure. As more Bassheads series is as per the name coming with high quality of bass.

The Boat Bassheads 900 comes with 40mm neodynamic Sound drivers that reproduce the sound tunes equally all over the range with better frequency bands.

As the headphone is wired, there is an inline microphone that can avail the facility for more comfort as you can smoothly talk in the call with anyone; the Noise cancellation quality of the headphone is best and valuable at this price range.

at the end, with the sound, I will only say that the headphone is enough at this budget. no doubt at this low budget you will not get that premium features but it’s enough for the normal.

Design :

The Design of the boat Bassheads 900 comes in very low weight(150 grams) that you can easily wear and after a long time of usage you want to get a penny feeling in your ear.

The  Headband design of the headphone is very Compact and comfortable; it can be easily foldable and you can carry the headphone to any place very easily.

The Earcups of the headphone is really very comfortable with the best and soft material used in the cushion; that can give you long-lasting usage experience without any pain to your ear.

The cable of the headphone is tangle free and at the jack, there is one spring type of material that can give you cross-resistance to the wire while you’re using the headphone.

Comfort Parameters :

The weight of the headphone is almost 150 grams, that most of the comfort headphone have and this is the main reason behind the best comfort of this headphone.

The Headband is covered with cushion based material and you can stretch the headband just by pulling the headband.

Headphone Design On-Ear headphone
Availability of Microphone Yes
Driver Unit 40mm neodynamic driver
Weight 150 Gram
warranty 1 Year
Wired/Wireless Availability Wired Only
Extra Features High grade corrosian resistant jack

4. JBL Tune 500 Wired Headphone

 JBL Tune 500 Powerful Bass On-Ear Headphones with Mic

Key Features :

  • Super Powerful Bass
  • soft ear cushions and padded headband
  • 32mm JBL drivers
  • lightweight(148 Grams) and Foldable Design 
  • In-line microphone with a remote button
  • Smart voice assistant available

If you are looking for the super bass headphone with better comfort then this headphone by JBL is my first priority, I can say this sure because I checked and reviewed many headphones and then concluded the final opinion.

The  JBL Tune 500 comes in very lightweight and Reliable that makes convenient use of the headphone at any time and anywhere.

Sound Quality and Performance:

JBL  is one of the premium brands that delivers awesome and Complete sound quality with an affordable price tag. what more you can expect than the sound of the headphone.

With 34mm of JBL  Driver, This headphone delivers unexpected sound. That type of sound can be available in most the branded headphones only.

The audio jack of the headphone cable is plated with gold. that can help to give you a pure and perfect sound output. and it also helps to reduce the sound interference with each other.

The tangle-free cable with one inline microphone has also a better noise cancellation feature, that can helps better to talk in calls.

Design :

As Ago I said the design of the JBL tune 500 is very and lightweight. basically, the body of the headphone is made up of a hard plastic-type of material. that helps to manage the weight of the headphone light as possible.

The ear driver and the speaker towards the ear are fully covered with a soft cushion that gives you the soft and extreme premium feel while you listening to the music. also the headband is also padded with the cushion that gives the extra ability for painless usage.

the cable of the headphone is featured tangle-free, which can give you a hassle-free feeling while you using the headphone while traveling or at hard and fast work.

Comfort Parameters :

At The Comfort Point of view, the headphone is really very comfortable for long hours and as well as for the traveling time also.

the main comfort point is that the body of the headphone is fully made up of smooth plastic and that smooth feeling of the headphone is really being crazy.

At the side of the ear, there is a Thick cushion that can fully fit with your ear and you can enjoy the long hours of music listening enjoyment with this JBL tune 500.

Headphone Design On-Ear headphone
Availability of Microphone Yes (Available with inline remote)
Driver Unit 32mm JBL driver
Weight 148 Gram
warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Wired/Wireless Availability Wired Only
Extra Features Specially made with 32mm JBL drivers &  lightweight with Smooth PLastic body.


5. Skullcandy Stim Wired headphone

Skullcandy Stim Wired On-Ear Headphone with Mic (Blue)

Key Features :

  • The sound Quality is Well balanced
  • The on-ear Speaker is  Unique and comfortable 
  • 40mm drivers
  • lightweight(120 Grams) 
  • In-line microphone with call/Track Control

Skullcandy is the popular and loved name in the market of the headphone and other sound products. genuinely I am saying that the sound quality of products from Skullcandy is really lucky to praise.

With the better results in sound quality, the bad point of the Skullcandy is the durability in some products. but don’t worry about the stim series the quality is better with the followed price tag.

So my final words about  Skullcandy headphone and their other products is that if you are going to care for their products properly then definitely you need to go for Skullcandy.

Sound Quality and Performance:

while you want the best sound and unique comfort at an affordable price range then my first priority is Skullcandy, Skullcandy is famous for its decent sound quality at all the tunes.

With 40mm of the audio driver, the Skullcandy stim headphone delivers sound top-quality and very well balanced sound output.

One point that I don’t like about this headphone is that the noise cancellation. and another point that while you are listening to the music or while you are on a call then at high volume the sound spreading out. so your nearby person will also hear the sound.

Design :

while talking about Skullcandy stim headphone, I bet you that you won’t feel uncomfortable. because Skullcandy has given full attention to the comfort of the headphone.

The  Comfort at the ear is depending on the thickness of the cushion. In Cushion padding  Skullcandy has given proper and complete attention, that will never give you an uncomfortable feeling.

The Skullcandy stim wired headphone comes with tangle-free cord wire, and one best thing is that there is one in-line remote with a microphone. with remote, you can pick the call and manage the music tracks also.

after all the main conclusion about this headphone is that if you can neglect the budget then you need to go for this headphone for sure. among all the headphones this one is at the top of the choice while we are saying about comfortability.

Comfort Parameters :

Skullcandy Stim headphone comes in very lightweight and with this 50% of the comfortability can be covered here.

The cushion foam at the speaker is thin and that thickness of the cushion can give you the comfort that no other headphone can give; one best thing is with this all the weight is very well managed.

Headphone Design On-Ear headphone
Availability of Microphone Yes (Available with inline remote)
Driver Unit 32mm JBL driver
Weight 120 Grams
warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Wired/Wireless Availability Wired Only
Extra Features The speaker cushion is made up of a Full Thin layer, that can give you extra comfort.

factors that you need to check at Comfortable Headphones for long hours usage :

Weight of the Overall Headphone :

While you going to buy headphones special for long hours usage and best comfort without any pain in your ear then the weight of the headphone affects more here; because the more the weight of the headphone the more pressure it will give to your ear and head.

More weight will give you more pressure and the more pressure to the ear will hurt your ear and than doing so for a long time will annoy you to use the headphone.

so while you are choosing the headphone for better comfortability then I will say you that choose the headphone which has a maximum of 200 Grams weight. and we have suggested all that you need to go for.

cushion type and thickness :

The cushion is the one sheet of soft material that gives you relief from the pain and attaches the part to the opponent. here the cushion is the soft rounded that attached at the end of the speaker of the headphone and it gives comfortness to you while listening to the headphone.

The Comfortness depends on the material used in the cushion; more the softness of the cushion results in more comfort to you.

The Thickness of the cushion is also one of the main affecting parts of the headphone. if the thickness of the headphone is more and soft accordingly then it’s better. but if the softness is not there then it irritates you.

The shape of the headphone is also one most effective. you need to check the shape with your better comfort and then go for it.

Drivers used In the headphone :

In the term of headphone, the driver is the essential part in headphone to generate best and effective sound. best the quality of the headphone driver results in the better and natural sound you feel.

basically, the drivers are made up of magnet or coil-based material and that material generates the sound. generally, the driver of the headphone is measured in mm.

There is no rocket like that rocket science that the maximum size of the driver gives the best result. it also depends on the material used in the driver. and for that, you need to go for premium brands like JBL  and BoAt and many other brands in the market.

Wired Or Wireless :

Yes, the connectivity of the headphone is also the main factor that you need to check while you are going to buy a headphone.

while you are buying the headphone for office use then I suggest you go for the wired option. because in the office you need a good result in sound and you can neglect the wired problem that you feels at outdoor.

Adjustability In  headband and speaker driver.

So, now let’s talk about the adjustability available from the headphone. the more adjustability from the headphone can give you the more comfortable and desired feeling.

For Comfortability you need to check about the headband and the speaker driver/ earcup adjustment. If the headband is not adjustable then it irritates when you want to use the headphone in different situations.

the earcup is the main outer cover of the speaker many headphones, the earcup is 90 degrees adjustable. so that you can adjust the earcup according to your comfort.

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