Best Earphones Under 500-700 With Mic & High Bass | 2020

Are You A Music Lover and Love to See Movies and Youtube Videos at any time and any place but the sound and visuality is the problem to enjoy your time then Earphone is the best option here; and Yes, You are here to have a Good Earphones with mic? so let’s Go there_.

Here We have Picked Many Best Earphones Under 700 with the best Sound Quality mic and high bass together with the Long Life of the speaker Buds. There Are Many Brands like JBL, Boat, Boult, Mi, Realme, And Ant for the earphone and if you choose one from all of them then it takes lots of time. so we have shortlisted All the best earphones here so that you can easily pick one earphone from you.

Best Earphones with mic Under 700:-

Boat Bassheads 225 In-Ear earphones with mic[BUY NOW]

The boAt is The famous and most valuable brand in the market of sound accessories and there are many ranges in Earphones with best sound Quality and Longer Life and Basshead 225 by Boat is one of them.

Boat Bassheads 225 is compatible with all android and Apple devices with the 3.5mm Gold Platted Jack; The High-Quality Metallic finish makes the earphone more unique and durable. The PVC cable is also unique and Durable with Tangle Free material.

 boAt Bassheads 225 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

The sound quality is quite impressive; It can give you a 100% sense of musical tones at this negotiable budget range; If you Love to listen to high Bass and pop songs then this BoAt BAssheads 225 is the best choice for you without any Complaint.

The One point about the Microphone is somehow irritating for all of us that while you talking on call then you need to keep the microphone near to your mouth because It looks like the microphone is very sensitive so by mistake if you put the microphone away from the mouth then the receiver will get the distorted sound that you need to note; But anyway this problem is negotiable and Boat need to improve it and it will get  10 out of  10 Grade point at all.

Let’s get a glance at the warranty period of the earphone. so As Usual BoAt Provides Unbelivabel service after 1 year of purchase. You can activate your warranty by Missed CAlling on 9223032222; Either you can Go to

So All Over the BoAt 225 is a good choice for you if you are willing to buy the best budget earphones with premium quality and brand.

Pros & Cons of Boat Bassheads 225

  • Amazing and Premium build quality
  • Various type of colors are available
  • Tanglefree High-quality cable
  • Eardubs are not magnetic
  • Design is not so good but it is negotiable

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Earphone. [BUY NOW]

Boult is Also One of the Premium quality Manufacturer company that manufacturing all premium Earphones and headphones, but recently Boult has added many products at budget-friendly prices for the Indian market also.

 Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones with NO Magnet

The Design of Boult Audio Bassbuds is Ergonomical for any environment and situation with 100&% flexibility of the buds drivers; the ergonomically designed drivers also give an acoustic sound that is the uniqueness of this earphone and somehow this design also can give you relief of pain in the ear.

The Earpiece hook near behind the structure of the speaker is very useful to keep the speaker in the ear while you are playing any game or at gym/jogging time.

Another benefit of the earphone is that this earphone having an IPX5 feature that can keep it free from worry about any environmental change and monsoon season and water Flow on you.

The Unique Boult Neodymium technology enables the speakers to deliver extra bass and deep punchy and crystal clear sound, Neodymium means some materials of the speaker is made up of a special type of aluminum material which affects on sound quality and also it gives longer life to the earphone drivers.

Pros & Cons of Boult Audio BassBuds Loop

  • Inbuilt smart voice Integration with Google Assistant and Siri
  • Micro Woofer Inbuilt
  • Comfort design
  • powerful 12mm driver with extra bass
  • IPX5 Water and sweat resistance
  • The cable is not tangle-free
  • Product Reliability is not so good

Boat Bassheads 152 in-Ear Wired Earphones.[BUY NOW]

The boAt is always the first choice in the current era of time while someone asks to suggest for best earphone, speaker, or Bluetooth headphone; Yes, It’s True Boat is the most trustable and most valuable brand in the market of music products.

 boAt Bassheads 152 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

The Lightweight Boat Bassheads 152 is perfect for those who love to listen to music day and night because the Weight of the earphone is light and the wire from 3.5mm jack to mic is crowded by the hard cotton material that can give 100%saferty to the wire.

The Microphone structure and the Ergonomic finish speaker driver is looking very sexy and unique with extra durability and the ability to give you a super-fine result on call also.

Pros & Cons Of BoAt Bassheads 152

  • Tangle-free wire design
  • Trust and Reliability of brand Boat
  • sound quality are awesome.
  • double tone braided cable is ultra-durable
  • Google/Siri voice assistance not available.
  • Desing looks like simple and old

Infinity Zip 20 in-Ear Deep Bass Headphones.[BUY NOW]

You will be surprised if I will say that Infinity is the sub-brand of the American Company Harman which is famous in the USA for its sound and digital products with premium quality.

If you love to enjoy the natural and deep bass sounds rather than the artificial bass sounds from the earphones then this is the right choice for you.

 Infinity Zip 20 in-Ear Deep Bass Headphones with MicThe Infinity Zip 20 Give you the facility of one inline button in the remote; that can give you access to pick-cut calls and play-pause the music that playlisted in the latest.

And another good feature is that it supports google assistant; so that you can check any live update on google and even you can make a call to anyone by google assistant which is inbuilt integrated into this earphone.

Pros & Cons of Infinity Zip 20

  • Availability of colors is more.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Tangle Free Wire.
  • Inbuilt Voice integration with google/Siri.
  • Customer care support is not so good.
  • The sound quality is Average.

Clavier Neo in-Ear Earphones with mic. [BUY NOW]

Clavier is also one of the Best and the valuable brand that delivering best their best products from a long time ago, and the Clavier Neo Earphone is launched in 2019 with High quality super powerful sound.

The Clavier Neo In-Ear Earphones deliver very well balanced crispy and clear sound that all one love to listen to; The Loud and clear sound makes the Music beats more energetic and puts you in a sports mood.

Clavier Neo in-Ear Headphones/Earphones with Stereo Mic for All Smartphones

The Flexible  Ear-hook wire around the speaker looks very sexy and comfortable that can customize with different ear shapes, and it wraps around your ear so you don’t need to worry about the plunging down of the speaker while Gymming-Jogging or at bike riding.

The Facility of an inbuilt in-line button can help you to Answer-Drop Call as well as you can Play/Pause and change the music also with the inline button which stands near to the microphone.

Pros & Cons

  • premium design
  • Microphone integration with MUltifunction button
  • The lightweight and durable
  • body of the Speaker driver is made up of plastic
  • The wire is not a tangle-free

Motorola Pace 130 In-Ear earphone with Mic. [BUY NOW]

Motorola is one of the leading brands in manufacturing mobile phones and many other smart accessories like smartwatches, portable speakers, headphones, and earphones. as usual, Motorola manufactures powerful and robust products and the pace 130 earphones is one of them.

 Motorola Pace 130 in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Looking at the body of Motorola 130 the wire and speaker driver is simple but the build quality and the sound performance is super duper se hi upper. and the anti-slip ear tips as the cover of the speaker helps you to feet in the ear very comfortably.

This Pace 130 earphone can also fulfill your smart sound requirement for google assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple users apple Siri also, with a single button you can touch the smart world of the sound movements from this earphone.

Pros & Cons OF Motorola Pace 130

  • Smart Voice Assistant with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant.
  • Rich Bass and Crystal crispy sound.
  • Impressive Build quality.
  • Inner ear experience is not good with comfortness
  • Reliability is not so good

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic. [BUY NOW]

JBL is really a Good and most popular and most trustable brand for the sound system and sound accessories products. and JBL is also doing good work on giving natural and balanced output for any model of their brand.

BL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

The Design of the JBL C50Hi is quite simple and made up of plastic and that is the reason this is earphone is lightweight, But with the simple but classy finish, the sound quality is Superfine.

The JBL C50Hi has one control button, by using this you can Pick up/reject a call and also manage your playlist by just pressing this one button.

During the call, The Noice cancellation of the microphone also can help you better communicating at riding or any crowded place.

Pros & Cons of JBL C50HI

  • Smart voice integration with Google Assistant / Siri
  • Value for money
  • JBL Brand quality
  • Balanced treble with quality sound
  • Bass is not so Good
  • The cable is not tangle-free

Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Wired Earphone.[BUY NOW]

Xiaomi Mi is one of the leading brands in electronics and mobiles, and they have generated a better reputation in the market for their brand.

 Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Headphone with Mic

The Xiaomi Mi Basic earphone is a really lightweight and budget-friendly earphone. and people who love to use premium comfort then this is the right choice for them. Because the Round shaped speaker cover gives better comfort to you to keep the speaker in your ear.

The Little bit small but sexy remote with Play/Pause and answer/Hold call function looks very smooth and easy press like no other earphone brand has like.

The scientifically Structured Speaker design also helps to increase the bass strength of the speaker, As well as The Sound Chamber is made up of Aluminum alloy that can further surplus the sound quality.

Pros & Cons of Xiaomi Redmi Earphone

  • Hi-Resolution Premium earphone.
  • Aluminium Speaker Driver.
  • Crystal clear sound with dynamic bass.

  • The earpiece is not magnetic.
  • The wire is not tangled free

boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones.[BUY NOW]

We all know better about the Boat, that boat is the famous and leading company in the sound like earphones and Bluetooth speakers.

 boAt Bassheads 242 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

boat Bassheads 242 in-ear earphones are like a power sound bass earphone that can boom in your workout time and also at the time of jogging and Gym and the hook which is made up of soft silicon-based material and that’s can nicely fit in your ear.

The ultra-durable and tangle-free PVC cable looks very simple but the Compatibility and connectivity with its hardness are really unbelievable.

This is the unique earphone in our list that comes with IPx4 Feature, which offers water and sweat security to your earphone, but remembers it is not waterproof.

Pros & Cons of boAt Bassheads 242

  • Crystal and clear HD sound.
  • Best for jogging and sports.
  • superior braided plastic coated wire
  • The jack of the earphone is not reliable

Ant Audio W56 Metal Wired Earphone.[BUY NOW]

Especially I am Considering that if you love to enjoy full bass and Dj Songs then this Ant Audio w56 pickup model is for you.

 Ant Audio W56 Metal Wired Earphone with Mic

The Ant Audio w56 earphone Comes with HD Audio and Extra X-bass System with CVC Noise cancellation technology that can give you even an unforgettable experience.

Looks like This Contexture of Ant audio is specially designed for those who love to enjoy rock & Bass music, classic music with crispy clear sound, or gaming with the superb quality of a single beat of tone; In short, this Ant Audio model can fulfill your all requirements a budget price.

So the full and final verdict about this Ant w56 earphone is beautiful with this price range, even I have no more words to say about these products,

Pros & Cons Ant Audio W56

  • Excellent and premium build quality.
  • Premium and crystal crispy sound.
  • Flat and Durable wire
  • No Volume Control from remote.


See Earphone is the Gadget that you are using daily for your comfortable lifestyle, someone uses for calls, someone uses it to listen to music and someone for both; So you can choose it according to your budget and the features you want.

If you are buying earphones for normal use then you can choose any of the given choices, but if calls are your priority then you to go for the Noise cancellation feature and with Better Mic; Anyway here all the earphone we have reviewed are with mic Facility so you don’t need to worry more.

If Your Mind Diverted to Buy Headphone: Best Headphone under 2000 with Mic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Earphones :

Which Earphone is best for Calling Preference?

There are 2 Main Features that you need to check while you are buying the earphone for Calling Preference; First thing is to choose Earphone with Noise Cancellation Feature so that the person who is in front of the call can hear your voice clearly; Second FEature that you need to check is the Mic is WIth the reliable and Comfortable Remote or not…so that you can easily access to it.

Which Earphone Brand is Best for High Bass?

If you are passionate about the high Bass experience then I suggest to you that Go For JBL; Then the second one is Boat and After that, you can choose Ant; According to your Budget, there are too many choices available for you in the market.

What Advantage between Gold Plated Jack?

The Gold Plated Audio Jack is nothing more but the normal jack platted with the high-quality material that can help to catch the audio signals and it can give you a better sound experience than any other earphone; But generally, It can not differ more from the normal audio jack.

Wired Earphone is best or Wireless Earphone?

This choice is Completely on you, Surely there is some benefits and some drawback also for the same, If you are love to listen to music on train/traveling time then maybe wired earphone can give you problem but comparatively the drawback of wireless earphone is the battery; so this choice is on you that which one you wanted to choose.

How Magnetic Earbuds can Help?

Yes, This Question is in place in many of you.; But Today we are going to clear it. so very few brands are there to provide Magnetic earbuds. Generally, the Magnetic earphone does not help you with the music experience but you can surely be Comfortable with the Magnetic Earbuds.



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