Best Headphones Under 2000 With Mic

The Best Pair of headphone is the most loved gadget for music lovers; In India, there are plenty of headphones with different price ranges with too many features and categories. and at the time of choice for your headphone, all of you are getting mystify about which is best from all the choices.

So to clear all your mystification about headphone choice, We have Classified and listed the Best Headphones under 2000 with mic, Do not worry more if you are still confused, we are here to help you out till the end of your checkout.

We are looking into deep for the headphones there are many wired headphones and many headphones from the list were wireless with Bluetooth Connectivity.

BoAt Rockerz 400 Headphone with Mic.

The Premium mobile accessories manufacture BoAt has launched many Headphones that can give you an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. and the Boat Rockers 400 has launched on 1st January 2017.

 boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone with Mic

Build Quality :

Looking at the build quality of the boat rockerz 400. The Cushion on the speakers and near to your ear is made up of the soft Rexin material and cloth; that can give you wearing comfort while it is in use.

The Lightweight headband is made up of Plastic and experienced that the headband is extra tight on the head, so you cannot wear this for a long time otherwise it can give a little bit of Pain.

Sound Quality :

This BoAt headphone supports HD Clarity of sound that can make you day with the wave of the music; So the Sound Quality is at its best level and the bass is simply super with.

Yes as an On-ear Headphone it gives 360 degrees sound effect, But at the other end it can not 100% isolate the outer environmental sound as the limitation, and to enjoy without outer environmental sound you need to go for over-ear headphones that we have listed below.

Battery Performance :

After Fully Charge the battery of BoAt Rockers 400 It can give you a music listening experience of constant 8 hours with a healthy battery, and it can take almost 2 to 2.5 hours.

When the BoAt rockerz 400 is taking the charging the Blue LED blows for a long and when it gets fully charged then it will glow in blue Colour, which can give you assumptions about the charging time.

Additional Features :

Do you Know this headphone give the Dual connectivity Feature, With the Unboxing box of the Headphone, there’s one AUX Cable also.

So that when your battery got down then you can listen to music with Wired Headphone with the use of the AUX audio cable.

The headphone has inbuilt Voice Assistant like google and Siri, and you can access it by pressing the Power Button  Twice. It will use your mobile internet to search for your Question.

Pros & Cons Of BoAt Rockerz 400

  • Lightweight and Super Comfortable.
  • Decent battery life
  • No Perfect Noise cancellation.

Verdict :

The Boat rockerz 400 is the Affordable headphone choice for you if you listening to music at home for a more time, but if you love to listen to music during the traveling time then there are more other choices also to buy from.

JBL Tune 500 Headphones :

As all of you know JBL is a powerful and famous company for manufacturing earphones, headphones, and portable speakers. and no one can defeat the quality of the JBL Products at the given price ranges by JBL.

 JBL Tune 500 Powerful Bass On-Ear Headphones with Mic

Build Quality :

JBL is always launching premium products and with extraordinary build quality and wearing experience. Some of you are love to Wear On-Ear headphones and some of you love to wear Over-Earphones. so this JBL Tune 500  is Tunning the music with the On-Ear Experience.

The Plastic body but lightweight with Flat & tangle-free wire Atttahced with one button remote & one powerful microphone gives you a facility to stay in hands-free mode. with the remote button, you can play/pause tracks, can answer the call, and even can on/off voice assistant also.

With this sound and build quality, this headphone is suited for most of you but professionals and most music lovers go for more expensive and comfortable headphones.

Sound Quality :

JBL Tune 500 Works with Pure bass drivers and delivers deep tone for each and every tune with a standard dynamic frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Bass of the JBL Tune is unforgettable, So if You love to listen to high bass and band pop kinds of music and tunes then you can surely go for this headphone.

Additional Features :

The JBL Tune 500 comes with an inbuilt Smart voice assistant with google and Siri so that remotely you can connect to the internet via voice command.

The Tangle Free Flat cable gives you security from stretching of the cable at any point of the situation.

Verdict :

With this High bass sound and build quality, this headphone is suited for most of you but professionals and most music lovers go for more expensive and comfortable headphones.

But My Personal suggestion is don’t go only for the bass headphones, because you need to see other features also with the bass sounds. At the same budget, many other brands are available with Bluetooth facility also but the Loss is only the sound quality that can not affect you more for the normal music listeners.

Boult Audio ProBass FluidX Headphone :

As we have specialized many other accessories of boult we come to know about boult premium and Awesome quality for their musical products like earphones, headphones and many other ranges of speakers.

 Boult Audio ProBass FluidX Over-Ear Unbreakable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Build Quality:

Boult Claims that the Audio pro bass FluidX is unbreakable and if you see the photo you will also say this is really unbreakable because Looks like The Headband of the headphone is made up of Rubber silicon with The outer cover of Faux Leather.

The Material used for the Headband makes it foldable and flexible. This is the best point that this headphone is attracting you to buy it.

With all these criteria and intensions Boult has also looked towards the Portable Comforts and Premium style look.

Sound Quality :

Boult is always Signed to give an awesome sparkling sound, With 40mm driver Boult FluidX Delivering the High-Quality Rocking Punchy bass towards your Ears.

The Speaker drivers come with one pair of  Built-in sub-woofers that was an attractive treat for the high tone bass lovers, and it really makes difference from the others; Ergonomically designed Drivers to give you extra bass with crystal clear tones direct to the ears.

Battery Performance :

The Battery of the Headphone Boult FluidX is little enough for whole the day time, The battery backup can give you the 10hour unstoppable playtime and 48 hours of standby time.

In the case at any time you see that battery getting out of charge then there is the option for dual-mode usage also, that means you can easily switch the headphone to the wired mode by connecting the AUX cable.

Additional Features :

The Boult Pro bass FluidX Comes with an IPX5 water resistance Feature, the Charging Case and earbud drivers come within nano-coating, so that boult says that waterproofing is possible for 30 minutes. but the personal suggestion to don’t go with this and play safe from water.

The Passive Noise Cancelling feature of this headphone helps you to talk on call at any crowded or at any traffic place, This feature only cancels the Mechanical and roaring sound from the near places.

The Voice Command feature can give access to connect google or Siri in just a second of time.

Verdict :

This is the best and super choice for those who love to listen to high bass songs and crystal clear treble.

and If you are looking for Premium and sexy headphone under 2000 then choose this earphone first from all the other selection options.

Mi Super Bass Bluetooth Headphone :

Mi is the Famous and favorite in the market of mobile phones, laptops, and many other mobile accessories products and in 2016 They have launched the Headphone models dals and it going Good in the market.

 Mi Super Bass On Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Super Powerful bass with Microphone

Build Quality :

Looking at the Build quality of the Mi Superbass On-Ear headphone, It Looking very glamorous and modern design, and the pad cushion near the speaker covers your whole ear and that can isolate the outer sound towards your ear.

Comfort is the Key for the Mi Headphone series, The earmuffs of the speaker cover is a pressure less and that’s the main benefit for this headphone.

after all the pros, when you hold it in your hand then you realize the structure and headband is made up of plastic-based material, this is the worst for this headphone.

Sound Quality :

As in the name, Mi said truly about Superbass because it delivers the deep and artificial impactful bass to impress your experience for the bass Music tones, with 40mm of dynamic drivers it delivers best and grateful music bass to you.

If you love to listen to High bass songs then only go for this Mi Superbass headphone because somehow I am not happy with the treble and natural sound quality of this headphone, because at the above-average range of the treble and vocal, it irritating to the ear and it was not balanced in a better way.

Battery Performance :

The Battery life of the Mi Super bass headphone is claimed by the company is 20 hours which can be charged in 2 hours, but after experiences and usage of some months it giving around 15 hours of uninterrupted playtime.

But here this headphone also supports dual-mode, so If Battery runs out then you don’t need to worry, Just connect AUX Audio Cable with headphones and enjoy the unstoppable playlist.

Additional Features :

The Mi Superbass headphone supports a Smart voice assistant, which can help you to connect with Google, Alexa, and Siri.

Noise isolation is suitable for listening to music at any crowded place, and you will not get any unwanted roar sounds with music.

Verdict :

This Mi headphone is really valued for money in terms of comforts and bass quality, but if you wanted a Good treble result then this headphone is not for you.

After that all other choices is in your hand.

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphone :

The Famous brand JBL meets Harman and started with Subbrand Infinity, and now Infinity is Rocking the Audio market by giving the best quality headphone products at reasonable prices.

 Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphones with 20 Hours Playtime

Build Quality :

The Build quality of Infinity(JBL) Glide 500 is excellent and much better at this price. and it was Good enough optimized for lightweight and excellent comfort.

The Headband and earcups are possibly designed to Fold it at any axis and it a better experience of portability, and the soft ear cushion gives comfort in a better way that even after many hours of enjoyment, it will not give any single penny or discomforts.

Sound Quality :

JBL Glide 500 is coming up with dual equalizer mode, for a better experience of normal bass and deep bass output; so that you can enjoy the music that suits your mood.

there are no more words to say about this headphone, you don’t need to complain any single word about the sound quality of this headphone.

Battery Performance :

At the battery, it provides 20 hours of playtime at an optimum level of volume, and it can get a full charge in just 2 hours; the quick charge of the HARMAN brand is affected more to attract you.

The quick charge feature of this Headponbe is working very well and there are no more disorders.

Additional Features :

The lightweight Infinity(JBL) comes with a flat foldable design that can give you extra portability and comfort to wear and hold the headphone at any place.

Like all the headphone this gadget also comes with a smart voice assistant that can give you accessibility to connect to the world of the internet via your sound.

Verdict :

Here the unique feature is the Dual equalizer mode, you can get change the bass and deep bass according to your mood, and that’s the main attraction for this headphone.

After that, the quick battery charge works nicely here and that’s another reason to buy this headphone.

Motorola Pulse 3 Headphones.

If you are looking for premium and sexy-looking headphones in a Very Good budget range then this Motorola pulse 3 headphone is the right choice to buy.

 Motorola Pulse 3 Headphones

Build quality :

The Motorola On-Ear Headphone is Really powerful and Lightweight, with this lightweight structure, it gives perfect comfort for your Music listening experience.

The Swinging earcups deliver a flexible and comfortable fit for everyone from listening music to enjoying web series in the sleeping position.

Sound Quality :

The Motorola Pulse 3 comes with extra super bass quality sound that delivers unlimited enjoyment for your each and every tone of music with natural treble and balanced output.

Additional  Features :

Here the main Feature is the portability for traveling and comfort and stylish sext finish is mind-blowing.

The smart voice assistant with an inline microphone configuration is also the better feature of this headphone. you can connect with Google, Alexa, and Siri via this headphone.

Verdict :

The Build quality and the edge of style it is really fabulous but it not provide Bluetooth connectivity but on the other side the price of the headphone is lower as possible under 1000.

so if you have a lower budget and want to buy better to beast sound quality headphone then this headphone is absolutely the right choice for you.

Leaf Bass 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Nowadays there are lots of companies to provide the best headphones and all the audio products at this time of era, they all are providing many different features and quality differences. but from all the choices we leaf is the best in the unnamed brand from the market.

Build Quality :

The Build quality of the Leaf bass 2 is really robust and longer life for outdoor usage; They have captured Glassy Plastic to decorate and display well to the headphone. and it really works well by design and build quality also.

The Headband of this headphone is covered with a soft cushion material, so that if you put this headphone on your neck then the comfort will be different from all other headphones.

The Buttons to manage the playlist and calls are also smooth enough for extra comfort, So All over you don’t need to regret this headphone at a sight for build quality.

Sound Quality :

With 40mm Hd Quality drivers leaf bass 2 delivers super quality sound and the Over-ear structure provides extra soundproofing for your listening experience.

The Crystal clear sound provides extra sound like at 80% of the sound you will not get any problem, and at this price tag, this headphone and sound quality is literally Good.

Additional Features :

The Headband of the headband is wrapped by a cushion cover that can give you a better experience and It will give you more comfort to put the headband on your neck.

It provides a dual-mode Option, so that if the battery gets discharged at any far time then you can easily connect your AUX and enjoy the music.

Verdict :

If your budget is your limit, then Definitely this is the best option with all the features and even in this lower price range Leaf provides you the premium quality and Bluetooth version of 4.4, which is better enough for a better experience.

boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphone :

As usual, boAt having always Unique and better performance products, and that’s the main reason that boat is always famous for their products.

 boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone with Mic

Build Quality :

The  Build quality is pretty Good and lightweight upon the sporty look, the robust design of the headphone making the experience more exclusive.

The outer body of the headphone is made up of  Aluminum material and Faux leather material which gives a smooth and comfortable wearing experience and also the aluminum material can give a smooth button pressing experience.

Sound quality :

This is BoAt!! I am saying this is a boat, you don’t need to regret about the sound quality of the boat products; The sound is Signature of boAt!! 

Saying 100% Confidentially about Boat sound quality that you will really enjoy it; The 50mm sound drivers of this headphone is enough capable to deliver high HD Bass sound.

Apart from this, The Treble output results are also literally better than enough;  for gaming, this headphone can give you a minimum then the minimum sound of your opponent to your ear.

Battery Performance :

The Boat Rockerz comes with Hi-capacity lithium polymer batteries; BoAt Assign about 20 Hour of playback time but as we reviewed it give better playtime for the 16-17 hours.

By the way, these 17 hours of playtime is better and enough for any headphones.

Additional Features :

The body of the headphone is made up of aluminum-based material so it can give better and smooth usage that no other headphone can give.

The one side of the Headband is covered by a smooth leather cushion that gives extra comfort while you playing games.

Verdict :

There are no More Words to say about this headphone; definitely, I will say to you if you have enough budget then go for this headphone only.

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