Top 10 Best 10000mah Power Bank in India | 2020

Are You Using Your Mobile Phone Daily and You are Hard Core User Of Mobile Phone and Battery Drain Is Your Problem Then You Are At Right Place to Get All the Guide about Best Power bank with 10000mah of battery capacity That You Need to see before Buy Power Bank.

In The 21st Century, All Of You are Spending Much More Time On your Mobile Smart Phones, Either You are Businessmen, Either You Are Doing Job  Or Either You Are A Student Or Working In Corporate Sector, But Overall We All Are Spending Much More Time On Your Mobile Phones. Now Main Problem Arises Of Charging. but All Of You Don’t Have A Charging Plug Nearly Where You Sitting Back Or Desk. and At That Time, We Need A Power Bank Which Is So Flexible That We Can Use It Easily.

If You Just Go for Google or you ask your friend, then you will get many names from there, and after hearing all that names you got inner confusion that which power bank I choose for me and to solve your confusion I have described the Best Power bank guide with the list and all advantages and disadvantages of all the power banks.

Which power bank is good 10000mah  or 20000mah?

See, there is nothing like a bad point here if you choose anyone from both; one point to be noted here that if you choose for  20000mah then the weight and expense of the power bank will be more. the charging speed is no more effective here.

Product NameWeightCheck Price
Mi Li-Polymer 10000mAH Power Bank 2i 277 Gram
Mi Li-Polymer 20000mAH Power Bank 2i 431 Gram
Lenovo Lithium-ion 13000mAH Power Bank PA13000 399 Gram
Anker PowerCore 10400mAh Power Bank240 Gram
Realme 10,000mAH Power Bank231 Gram
Ambrane Li-Polymer 10,000 MAh Capsule Power bank191 Gram
Ambrane Lithium Polymer 20,000MAh Power Bank (Stylo-20K)349 Gram
Lapguard LG514_10.4K 10400mAH Power Bank (White)222 Gram
Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank245 GRAM
Syska P1013B 10000 mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank200 Gram

How We Can suggest to you all these Power banks :

Yes, I can surely say that all these power banks and the features are good enough with the budget ranges; I can say this surely because I have tested all the power banks in my hand and asked many friends about the battery life and fast charging feature and all; so I can surely suggest you that this all are the best out of all in the market and even if you found any best but non listed by us here then also comment here and we will get back to you for sure!!

List of Best 10,000mah Power Bank under 1000 – 1500.

  1. Mi Power Bank 2i.
  2. Realme 10000mAH Power Bank.
  3. Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power Bank.
  4. Lapguard LG514_10.4K 10400mAH Power Bank.
  5. Syska P1013B 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank.
  6. Anker PowerCore 10400mAh Power bank.
  7. Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer 10k Capsule.
  8. Ambrane STYLO-20k 20,000 MAh Power bank.
  9. Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank.

Uses Of Powerbank :

A Good Smartphone Without Charging is like an Expensive LED TV without HD Channels, So For use of Your Smartphone Properly and at a needy time you need to have a charge in your smartphones…

If you have a good and fast smartphone but you don’t have a charge in it then it is worthless, and if You are a Heavy User of A Smartphone then Definitely You need to Buy a Power Bank for your Better use of smartphones.

If You Searches For Best Power bank then it is quite difficult to get All the best power banks at one glance, So I have added all the best power banks details here that can help you to buy a Good Power with Good Life and with Compact size that can fit in your pocket also with your smartphone.

Mi Power Bank 2i [BUY NOW]

So, Guys If You Are Searching For A Premium And Medium Range in Price For Power Bank  Then The Mi 2i Power Bank Is the Best Choice For You!!

Mi 10000Mah Power Bank 2i Comes With Lithium Polymer With Aluminum Case Cover and Because of this Reason That This Power Bank is More Durable and More Power Efficient For All Of The Mobile Devices. It Comes With Best and High Power capacity and it can charge a minimum 2 times In Some Moments.

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 3i with 18W Fast Charging

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i : [BUY NOW]

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i : [BUY NOW]

Pros. Cons.
18W High Speed. Heating Issue Because Of Metal Body.
High Speed Charging capacity..
9 Layer Of Circuit Protection.
Stylish Case Cover.

Mi 10000 Mah Power Bank 2i Comes with 18W Fast Charging Output So This Feature Can Charge your Mobile Phone Fast. It Comes With 2 Output Slots Where 1 Provides 5V/2A and another one provide   9V/2A.Which is better and fulfill for your any mobile phone device.

Here Only One Disadvantage is that Mi Power bank doesn’t provide LED Flashlight Feature and at the same time many other companies are providing this feature But With this All Features that we have discussed this Disadvantage Not affect more to buy This Power Bank.

Realme 10000mAH Power Bank [BUY NOW]

Yes, Realme is Always Better Choice For Value of Our Money in Mobile Phone. And in September 2019 Realme has Launched a Power bank within Classy Look and an Affordable Price With Good Charging Capacity.

A Realme Power bank is Comes With Three Variants in Colours Which are Red, Yellow, and Classy Grey. And This All The Varients Looking Like Crazy Because The Design of This Power Bank is Very Classy and Fabulous.

Yes, This Power bank is The Best For Fast Charging and it takes Only a Little Bit Of Time to Charge it Fully, It Supports an 18W Supply For Input And Output Both.

Nowadays Many Of You Are Using Android and iPhones Also and That’s Many Times The Problem Occurs to not Have Cable to Charge the Power Bank itself. So This Realme Power Bank can overcome this problem, because it comes with Micro USB Charging and C-Type Charging Ports Also, With Fast Charging capacity.

Pros. Cons.
18watt fast charging. Expensive.
Compatible With Multiple Devices Like Laptop. It Has Only One Output Port.
Electromagnetic Field Protection.
Micro USB And Type C Input Facility.
Comes With Futuristic Technology.

So The Final Conclusion About this Power bank that I wanted to say that if you are looking for a professional and brand power bank then this Realme Power bank is the best choice to buy and Customer service and toughness of the real power bank is also a Good.

Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power Bank [BUY NOW]

We know Lenovo is The Best Brand in Mobile Phones and Laptops Computers. The Design Of The Lenovo Power Bank PA13000 is The Best In Design and it’s in Plastic Body, So Because Of Plastic Body, No More Heating Issues Are There In This Model.

This Power Bank Product From Lenovo Comes With 13000Mah Power Bank Which Can charge Your 2 Devices Simultaneously and It Can Charge Your Mobile Phone For 3 Times Easily.

Sure This Lenovo PA13000 Power Bank is Looks Like Bulky and Your Doubt is Universal Doubt For All, so if you Are Going to buy Pocketsize Power Bank  then it’s not for You Because The Power bank is itself A Bulky Compare to All Other Power Bank,

But Don’t Worry About your Pocketsize Choice Of The Power Bank Because Here We Have Added Many Other Power Bank Products Also  Which Can  Also  Help you out to choose the Right Power Bank.

Image Credit: Amazon

Pros. Cons.
It Supports High-Speed Charging Capacity. Expensive.
Built Quality Is Best With Lithium-Ion Battery. It Does Not Support C Type Charging.
Gives Best Charging Portability.
Less Weight Compare To Other Products.

It comes with Overcharge Protection and Temperature Protection feature which can give you Extra security for this power bank, and IF you Found any problem in this Lenovo power bank then you can contact Lenovo customer care at 1800 3000 9991. after Calling to Lenovo Customer care May your call can be forwarded to a respected customer Expert.

Lapguard LG514_10.4K 10400mAH Power Bank.

Yes, Lapguard is One of The Best  Manufacturer Company For Portable Power banks. And I Personally Figured Out The All Best Features of This Power Bank.

The Durability And Body design Of The Lapguard LG514_10.4k Power Bank is very Good. So If You Are Rough & Tough User Of power bank Then this Product is the Best Product For You.

And Yes It takes 2-3 Hours Of Time to charge Fully and it can Charge your 3000MAh mobile Phone For 3 Time Easily, Which is the Best For This Range Of Power bank. Its Compatibility is A Good, It Is Good Compatible For All Mobiles From IPhones to All Android Phones, Tablets and Mini Laptops Also, With quick Charge.

pros cons
10,400Mah Charge Capacity. It comes with a  short cable.
Budget-Friendly Power Bank. Average Built-In Quality But It’s Worth At This Price Range
Compatible With Android And iPhone.
3 Output Ports.

Syska P1013B 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank. [BUY NOW]

I think Many Of you are in fear that my Power bank is not Displaying the perfect Charging or I am Not sure that it has how much charging in it. This Syska Power Bank Can Solve This Problem and Give you Better Experience to you. and that’s the main reason to buy this Power Bank.

The Unique and Best Feature Of this Power bank is that it Displays Digital Display For Battery Charge in percentage. and It can give accurate capacity and charging Level the power bank.

And yes it gives a better charging experience at the high-speed battery, with type C Input Charging and Micro USB charging feature so It is Comfortable with Both Any Input charging.

pros. Cons.
Comes With Digital Battery Indicator. Slow Charging Speed
Dual Input Available With Micro USB & Type C. Slippery Surface
Overcharge And Discharge Protection. Not Recommendation For Travel Use
Intelligent Multi-Protection Circuit.
Compact & Tiny Design

This Syska Power Bank Comes With “Overcharge – Discharge Protection”  IC Circuit which Switches Off the Input Power when it gets fully charge and It  Gives Output Security also that will disable the Output when it exceeds the Output Level.

Anker PowerCore 10400mAh Power bank.

Anker is the Branded & Luxuries Power Bank and Mobile Accessories manufacturer Company in the USA and Now Anker is One of the Brand in Market in worldwide, Anker is one of the brands which gives satisfactory service in 18 months after buying their products and any more they never regret on the quality and service of their product.

Anker PowerCore Comes With 2 Port High-Speed Capacity Output Ports, and As per Brand Saying that it can charge iPhone 6 for Almost 4 Times and likewise it gives better utilization of the Power and Charge.

Both  Of the Output Ports Gives the 2 Ampere and 24 watts Output for fast Charge where other Portables Gives 18 Watts and 1/1.5 Ampere Output, So That’s the best and Excellent feature of this Anker brand Product.

This Anker Powercore 10400Mah Power bank Comes with PowerIQ and voltage Boost Technology which Gives Ultimately Extreme performance With Security and Power IC Security of your mobile phone As well As This Voltageboost Technology can give you Perfect Voltage Match With Your Connected Device.

pros. cons.
Faster and safe Charging Technology A little bit expensive but valuable.
PowerIQ And Voltage Boost Technology
Fastest Charge With 3Amp
Pocket-Friendly Size.
Compatible With Ios & Android
18 Months Warranty


Anker Powercore Comes With High-Quality Smooth Touched Pocket-Sized Plastic Case which Looks Extreme Good and Its design With 4 LED Light Indicators Also Gives Better Performance Of A Charging level.

So Overall the Conclusion Of the Anker Powercore is that: If you wanted to buy Branded and Longer life Product then this is the best Choice after Experience and Comparing all the features with all the other featured Brands.

Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer 10k Capsule POwer Bank. [BUY NOW]

Ambrane is one of the best brands If you Willing to buy a Middle Range Power bank starting from 500 With the Best Quality then  This is the Best Choice to buy the power bank.

Ambrane 10MAh Power bank comes with a High-Density Lithium Polymer battery which gives a better experience and Extra efficient Performance. and It Smoothy Compatible with all Smart Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches.

As in name said The Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer 10k Capsule Power bank comes with a Pocket-Friendly Size That can easily Fit in Your Pocket. It Comes in a Rectangular shape and hence it can fit easily with your mobile in the Pocket bag.

The Outer Body of this Ambrane 10k Capsule Power bank Comes with ABS Plastic Cover which Gives Extreme Stylish Look to the Power bank, As Well As the ABS Plastic Technology Gives Extra Scratch Security, Durability and Reliability to the Power bank. LED Indicator Also Gives The stylish Look to The Power Bank.

The Ambrane Power Bank Gets charge Fully in 5 to 7 Hours with 2 Ampere Power Supply, and It can charge iPhone 8 For 6 Times And Mi 6A For 4.6 Times, as It Gives 2 Port Output Supply we Can Charge 2 Devices at the Same Time simultaneously with 5V/2.4 Ampere Output.

Pros. Cons.
Decent Charging Speed. No Type C Charge Option.
Built-in Hard ABS Plastic. No LED Torch.
Universal Compatibility.
Made in India Company.
Stylish Capsule Look.


If you found any problem in power bank then Ambrane covers it in 180 days manufacturer warranty with customer care service, so if you found any issue Then You can contact to the customer care of Ambrane at +91 1145911111 or You can directly Reach at [email protected].

Ambrane STYLO-20k 20,000 MAh Power bank.

Ambrane Stylo-20k Comes With 20,000MAh Polymer battery, Which Can Give You Better battery Backup for your Mobile phone, iPhone, Tablet, or any smart device.

The Best and Unique Feature From Other Power bank is this Power Bank Comes With Micro USB Input and C type Input Also. and This Ambrane Power bank Comes with a Touch Power Button Which Gives Extreme Powerful and Slidely good Experience.

Ambrane stylo 20k has two Output Ports which Can Easily Charge 2 devices at the same time. and both of the Output Ports give 5V/2.4Ampere Which Gives the Best Charging Performance for any mobile Phone, tablet or any USB connected Device Like Bluetooth Speaker or Smartwatch.

The Outer Body Cover of Ambrane Stylo 20k is Built-in ABS plastic Material which gives Stylish Looks, AS Well This material Gives Extra  Toughness-Durability and Security from scratch Also.

Ambrane has tried to Give More and More Security to this Power bank and Thatsway The Internal Circutary Of Stylo 20k comes with 9 Protective Layers Like Temperature resistance, Short Circuit Security, Input/Output Overcharge.

Pros. cons.
High Efficiency and Charging conversion rate NO LED torch.
Comes With Micro USB and Type C input Little Bit Heavy.
Large capacity
Premium Rugged Hard ABS Cover
Compatible with All devices
Compact and lightweight design


Ambrane is A Indian Company that Gives ALL Luxuries Features and Service to their All Products, so If you Found Any Query or question Related to Ambrane Power bank then you Can Easily Reachout to AMbrane customer Care at +91 1145911111 or You Can Reach Out At Their Mail at [email protected]

Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank. [BUYNOW]

Redmi 10,000MAh Power bank comes with Featured Double input Micro USB and C type Ports which can give you independency to carry both types of cable to charge your Mobile phone. If you Using a Type C Charge mobile Phone then you can use it or if you have a USB Charging mobile phone then You can use Micro USB Charging.

Redmi 10000MAh Power bank offers you to charge your two devices simultaneously with 10W High-Speed Charging Capacity, where one port Gives: 5.1V/2.4Amp(10W) and  Second Port: 5.1V/2.6Amp(10W).

Redmi Power bank Gives Built-in High-Quality Classic Plastic Material which gives Perfect and premium look and handy texture Grip, Which Can Help to prevent Falls and drop from your hands.

Redmi 10000MAh Power bank Comes with 12 Layer Security Protection Like Short Circuit Protection, Temperature resistance, Chip Shutdown Protection, and Input/Output Overcharge or discharge. which gives extra security to the power bank and also takes care of the long-lasting capacity of a power bank.

pros. cons.
12 Layer circuit security protection Built-in Fiber Body
Micro USB and Type C input ports Fast Charging Not Supported
Universal compatibility
Intelligent power output
Low power charge mode for Bluetooth and smartwatches


What is Diffrence between LED Indicator and Display Indicator in Power bank? :

Basically, the LED Indicator Is The 4 Dot LED Indicator which displays you the battery percentage and in Display, there’s 7 segment LED Which Gives you Exact BAttery Percentage but my Personal Suggestions to go for LED Indicator where Generally All Power banks come with 4 LED Indicator which can give you an assumption of battery. With Display Indicator, you can get exact Battery in percentage but its life is no more as in some time that LED Indicator will Not Work For you.

Does the output of the power bank Affect to the Charging Time :

Yes, The Output Of the power bank Definitely Affects the Charging time of your mobile phone, Because All the power banks have their own Criterias and output levels and all the criteria affect at all while you measuring the charging time of mobile phones. and yes if you are comparing charging time with the charger adapter to the power bank then obviously it will take a different time to charge your mobile phone because the charger Adapter Gives Assured Output Compare to the Power bank.

How To Choose The Best Power bank For Your Mobile Phone :

Yes, While you go for Buy the best power bank then this question comes into everyone’s mind, So here are some factors that you need to keep in mind to choose the best power bank.

Storage Capacity – 10,000mah is enough  for day-to-day life:

Storage Capacity should be always Greater than Double of your Mobile phone Battery capacity. and Personal suggestion to you that please go for Minimum of 10,000 MAh power bank because nowadays all mobile phone comes with Approx 5000 Mah Battery capacity, so it’s better to buy 10,000 MAh power bank which can Charge Your mobile Fully for 2 times easily. and we have Filtered best of all power banks here.

The Number Of Outputs of Power banks :

Many power banks come with 1 Output port, some have 2 Output Ports. so you need to mind that at the same time how many devices you can charge with Needy Speed to your device.

Input Ports Of Power banks :

Nowadays many mobile phones come with Micro USB or Type C Charging ports, So Obviously You need to choose power bank input ports according to your mobile input charging port. If you have a type C Charging port mobile phone then you need to choose a power bank with type c input ports otherwise you need to carry both cables with you, one for the power bank and one for your mobile phone, so this small mistake at buying power bank can give you major problem for use power bank usage while traveling.

Output Specification of Power banks :

Nowadays Mobile Phones have Fast Charging Features that Synchronized with their Proper charger but If you Charge that mobile phone with any dummy Power banks that not able to give properly fixed output then it can harm your mobile phone battery and also it can drain the battery life of your mobile phone. The standard output for most mobile phones is 5V, so if possible then check your mobile phone input capacity and synchronize it with the Output of your Power bank. Maybe this point is not for branded power banks but if you willing o buy this power bank form local stores then check this feature while you are buying a power bank.

FAQs about power banks :

How do I choose the best power bank?

  • First,  you need to check that about the charging speed with a capacity of the power bank in real.
  • second, you need to see that the capacity of the power bank is needed to be almost more than your mobile capacity.
  • then you need to see the output voltage of the power bank that can be synchronizable with the input of mobile phone values.
  • the power bank is the product that you are going to buy after 2-3 year, so personal suggestion is that go for the best and reliable brand.

Does a power bank ruin your mobile phone?

If you are going with a reliable and reputed brand of power bank with all needy precautions and quality  USB cable then you do not need to worry about this topic..because you are already in safer side.

is a higher Mah of a power bank is better?

see, MAh is used to measure the storage capacity of the battery; if you grab that higher mah power bank then it can deliver more battery backup.



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