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After the days of November – December The winter days begins with all their Counter Plane; After the Entry of the Winter Cooling Fire days, all the peoples try to Face the Cold wind and Dryness.

at the time of January No, any Woollen Clothes can Help you for the elders but for the babies and kids, the winter days were very hard to out those days. and at there Room Heater is mandatory to install your Hall or bedroom.

There are several types of Room Heaters available in the market; There are no more differences between all the Room Heaters but while you go out and survey it then you realize that how it is hard to buy the Best And Powerful Room Heater.

When you are deciding the best Room heater for daily life usage then one question about the health that which type of room heater is good for health. So we are here to Solve All your Confusion.

Room Heaters are not only for Winter Days; Because At Some countries/Cities; there are Most days from the Year Going Cold. So You need to Go for the More Portable or With Normal Air Function Room Heater, Which Blows Normal air.

When we are discussing different types of Room Heaters, There are plenty of types of Heaters and The Very Hard Question is which one is best for your health? So First We Discuss All the types of Room Heaters!!

Different types of  Room Heaters :

1. Convection type of Room Heaters :

The Convection type of Room Heater is Comes with the Heating Coil and Heating Fan with fast wings, that consume Hot air from the coil and Deliver it to the Room Environment;

Someone Calls the Convection heater a Hot Fan Heater and someone calls Blower Home Heater also so don’t Confuse in the different words. The Convection type of Room heater is Better enough for the one room to serve the Better and Healthy Air For you.

Convection room heater is safe for babies and kids; It also has the best portable Option so that you can place it at any place and you can take away it from another place instantly.

But If you are looking for instant heat on the spot, then might this type of Convection heaters are not for you, you need to Go for Radiant type or Oil Filled type Room heater. But It’s not a better choice if you looking for a Better eye on your skin and Physical health.

2. Radiant type of Room Heaters :

Radiant type of room Heater is also Popular as Halogen, Infrared and also someone call it as quartz Room Heater also, so for all the meaning is same.

The main element to generate Heat in The Radiant type of Room Heater is the Tungsten Wire or one spring which is coiled to cover more surface area.

One point to be noted here about the Radiant type of heater that it can serve heat to the objects or Humans only, Not in the Air or the live environment. In Short, It radiates Hot Thermal Radiation to the Objects that contact the Radiation in the near area of the Heater.

If you wanted the Quickly Heating by the heater in the chill time then this one type of  Room Heater is the best choice for you, but I suggest to don’t go for this Room Heater if you have small kids or pet animals at your home as it generates lots of heat at their nearby areas.

3. Oil-Filled type of Room Heaters :

Oil-Filled type of Room heaters has Generally Metal columns filled with Oil; One Myth About the Oil-Filled Room Heater is that there is nothing like burning Oil and all those things.

The Oil-FIlled Room is one of the Heater which spreads the Hot air in the whole room and Even if you Turn It Off then also the Room Temperature will be hot for some time.

Also, Many Models of oil-filled room heaters Provide the Feature to Auto Off the Heating after it attempts to the decided level of temperature.

Definitely, The price of this type of Room Heaters will be High, but with the expense, it has a bigger benefit also.

FAQs About Oil-Filled Room Heater :

how long do oil-filled heaters last?

The age of any room heater is depended on how you take care of it and how you use it for a long time at which temperature.

So the better care and maintained Oil-Filled Room Heater can have a longer life than any other and the life of the well-maintained Oil-Filled Room Heater has a life span of  15-20 years.

Which type of Room Heater is Good For Health? :

Yes, after Getting All the information for types of room heaters Now it’s the main decision which best Room heater you will choose that does not affect your skin and health.

Anyway out of time all-time at night consuming the Heating of the heater is not good for the health, so if it’s needy too much then and then use it.

Most probably the best suggestion for you need to Go for an Oil-Filled Room Heater, which one is good for your health;

Because of Generally Convectional heater and Radiant type of heater Burns the Oxygen and Decrease the Humidity level of the environment where Oil-Filled Room Heaters are in the safe side at this point.

How Room Heater can Harm your Health :

As a Scientific result Room heaters burn oxygen and decrease the oxygen level of the room environment, which leads to the suffocation problem in the Room area.

The Room Heaters Generally Generates the Dry heated air and dries the natural moisture in the air that can cause roughness and dryness to the skin.

Comparison Between Room Heaters.

 Convection Type Of Room Heaters.Radiant type of Room Heaters.Oil-Filled type of Room Heaters.  
Bad Effects on your skin and healthMoreMoreComparitavely low
Power ConsumptionAverageMoreLow
Time to Heat the Room EnvironmentTake more TimeAverage, but It Heats the Nearly objects moreAverage and Affordable
Price ComparisonBudget friendlyBudget FriendlyMore in Budget, But It's Vauable
NoiseMakes More noiseLow NoiseLow Noise
Caution and CareLessMoreAbsolutely Less
EnvironmentCan dry the Air in the environment.Can dry the Air in the environment.Retain in the same moisture in the environment.
ExamplesBajaj Majesty RH 11F Plus With Fan HeaterBajaj Majesty RH 11F Plus With Fan HeaterBajaj Majesty RH 11F Plus With Fan Heater

Precautions you need to take for Room Heaters :

  • Take It Away from the Children and  Pets because It can burn or make a shock if you are in contact with it at On Mode without precautions and forethoughts
  • To keep any fire accident keep the Room heater away from the bad, any dashboard, and like other inflammable objects.
  • Before taking the air make sure the conditions of the heater is clean and it is good to use; because if you make a mistake at choosing the modes of the Heater then it can harmful to you.
  • Don’t use the heater for a long time or overnight or make sure the auto temperature mode of the heater is on; so that if it gets overheat it will get auto turn off.

Points You Need to Check for Buying room Heater:

Portablity :

Many Room heaters are hooked up on walls and some of the room heaters are portable that can give you warm air in any space. so you need to be sure about the portability. 

Convection type of Room heaters are better for  Portability but the oil-filled room heaters are a little bit hard to carry in any space. 

Numbers of Heating Elements :

the element used to convert electrical energy to heat energy is called the heating element; so it’s clear that the more number of heating elements are there it can generate more heat and can heat the air faster.

Auto  Power-off Feature:

This Feature is  Must desirable if you are willing to use the room heater for a long while or overnight when the temperature of the room move to the desired temperature. This feature is an energy saver and it can keep you on the safe side also.

Safety point of view :

generally, the radiant & halogen type of room heaters are not safe for children and pets, so you need to check whether the room heaters are with a safety grill or without.

Energy Consumption :

the energy is also the main point when we are selecting the best room heaters; no doubt the more energy it will handle the more heat it will deliver but check the energy rating in star for the model of room heater.

Noise control :

depends on the type of heaters they generate noise; where chances of noise are more in fan-based convection type of heater. where you can consider the radiant and oil-filled type of room heater are noise-free. but the noise of the fan can be negotiable like the quieter noise of the fan on the ceiling.

Size Of the Room Heater :

Room heater is the appliances that we use at home and office both; while you are using a room heater at home then you need to stay careful to put anything near to the room heater. and most of the offices are in limited spaces. so you just need to check that the Size of the Room heater can be easily set to our Space or not.

All best room heater manufacturers in India :

The Best and better quality can generate the best and even unforgettable label of the brand to the customers; the brands get a chance to get the label in the mind of people. above all, successful quality brands and these products are here.




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FAQs in many of  you’re mind :

Does a Room heater really reduce the oxygen level?

yes, it’s true that it reduces the oxygen levels of the room environment. The Lower level of oxygen is very Critical For New Born Babies and Old age Peoples.

To Sleep overnight under the heater is safe?

Yes, It was safe with the Oil-Filled & Hot and cold AC, else the auto power cut feature will be there; Your Mind will shut the question now that what is Hot and cold AC.

Which type of Room heater consumes less energy?  

Oil-Filled Room heaters consume less energy than all the others.

What is Hot and cold AC?

Hot and cold is the normal Air conditioner but it serves the hot air also in winter and Cold air in Summer; Means you can use it when you need it. even it can save electric energy also.

For A Small Bedroom Which type of  Room Heater would be best?

For the small bedroom, you can choose a convection type of room heater that can give you the better and perfect, and if you wanted to go for the best and good room heater then you need to double your budget and go for an Oil-Filled Room heater.

what are the side effects of the room heaters?

if you are in the air of the room heater then obviously you need to suffer from some side-effects. the air of the room heaters dries your skin which can possibly result in allergenic problems. the second thing is the room heater burns the oxygen level of the environments so the normal person also experiences sleepiness and headache at some time.

 What is the best sleeping temperature?

The best sleeping temperature varies from person to person. most of the doctors suggest the best temperature for sleep is 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius).  so we also recommend keeping the temperatures as per your personal doctor’s suggestion. and we are also giving the suggestion from www.sleepfoundation.org

How Oil-filled room heaters are good?

We can say oil-filled room heaters are the best of all other room heaters available in the market. the first reason behind this is it not harm the body as compared to others. the other reason is the safety for kids and the last but not the least reason is the life span of the Oil-Filled room heater is also more compare to other room heaters and the Maintainance cost is also less after one time.




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